Strapping Machines

Strapping Machines

Strapping Machines: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Hand Tools

Opal has carved a niche in the packaging industry with its high-quality strapping products. The company’s arsenal includes a robust range of strapping machines – from fully automatic and semi-automatic machines to versatile hand tools. Designed to cater to various industrial needs, these tools and machines seamlessly integrate with Opal’s PET and PP strapping solutions. Partnering with renowned brand FROMM only amplifies Opal’s commitment to offering the best.

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Production capacity

10,000 tons of PET and PP strapping annually.

Partnership with FROMM

Global leaders in strapping hand tools and machines.

Compatible with top manufacturers

Opal’s strapping ensures wide usability.


Use cases

– Heavy industrial packaging requiring strong PET strapping.
– E-commerce businesses seeking reliable packaging solutions.
– Industries aiming for greener packaging options.
– Businesses wanting seamless integration of strapping machines with their existing systems.


In a world where the safety of products during transit is paramount, the importance of a reliable stretch film can’t be overstated. Opal’s Stretch Film not only promises protection but also speaks volumes about a company’s commitment to sustainability. By opting for this film, businesses are making a statement – that they prioritize the environment as much as they do product safety.

Eager to take your packaging to the next level?

Explore Opal’s innovative range of strapping solutions. Ensure reliability, quality, and efficiency for all your packaging needs. Contact us now for tailored recommendations and elevate your packaging game!





Opal’s products guarantee the highest quality with features such as high breaking strength and UV resistance.


With a commitment to sustainability, Opal's strapping materials are 100% recycled, ensuring an environmentally friendly option.
UV Resistant


Designed with the latest technology, Opal strapping machines promise reliability with every use.
Versatile compatibility
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With a range from hand tools to automatic machines, Opal serves diverse industry requirements.



While initial costs may be higher, PET’s durability, recyclability, and strength offer long-term savings.

Opal’s range of machines is designed for user-friendliness, with training provided for seamless integration.

Opal offers on-site maintenance and services, ensuring machines function optimally with minimal downtime.

While steel has higher tensile strength, PET offers excellent breaking strength suitable for various applications, with added benefits of being lighter and safer.

Opal provides a one-stop solution with consistent quality, reducing the administrative hassle and ensuring compatibility between products.


 Strapping machines are used to apply a strap to items for bundling and securing them. They are commonly used in the packaging industry to secure and bundle products or boxes for transportation.

Both terms are often used interchangeably. However, “banding” generally refers to the process of applying a band around a product, while “strapping” refers to the material (like PET or PP) used.

The life expectancy varies based on usage and maintenance. However, with regular upkeep, high-quality strapping machines can last for several years, often 7-10 years or more.

Strapping is used for bundling items, typically for transport. Lashing is the process of using a flat strap or cord to secure cargo.

The term “strapping” derives from the action of applying straps to items. It means to bind, fasten, or secure using bands or straps.

Historically, “strapping” also meant tall, strong, and healthy. It was a term of physical commendation.

Orthopedic strapping refers to the use of straps or tapes in orthopedics to provide support or restrict movement in injured bones or joints.

Strapping strength varies based on material. PET strapping is known for high breaking strength, while PP is lighter and more flexible.

It might not be as robust as metal strapping. Limited UV resistance (unless specifically treated) and potential vulnerability to sharp edges are some concerns.

Metal strapping, especially steel, is one of the strongest strapping materials available. It’s ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The best material depends on the application. PET is durable and recyclable, making it excellent for many industries. Metal is preferable for very heavy loads.

Strapping materials include PET, PP, steel, and others. The choice depends on the specific needs of the application.

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