FROMM strapping heads are purposefully crafted for heavy-duty industrial strapping installations, delivering reliable performance across a diverse range of industrial applications. These versatile strapping heads can be seamlessly integrated into fully automatic strapping machines, offering flexibility in their installation. Whether positioned at the top, side, or in a horizontal plane, FROMM strapping heads are designed to meet the demands of robust and automated strapping processes in industrial settings.
  • Strap qualities
    Uniflex up to 850 N/mm2 Ultraflex up to 1100 N/mm2
  • Strapping dimensions
    19.0 - 32.0 x 0.63 - 1.00 mm
  • Weight
    160 kg


  1. High Strap Tension: Capable of achieving strap tension levels up to 18,000N (4050lbs), providing robust and secure strapping.
  2. Adjustable Tension: The strap tension is adjustable, allowing for customization based on specific strapping requirements.
  3. Seal Efficiency: Boasts seal efficiency up to 55%, ensuring reliable and durable strapping.
  4. Linear Strap Tensioning System: Utilizes a linear strap tensioning system, contributing to consistent and precise strapping.
  5. Simultaneous Tensioning of Both Strap Ends: Both strap ends are tensioned simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in the strapping process.
  6. Sealless Strap Joint with MicroLock Secured Seal: Incorporates a sealless strap joint with MicroLock secured seal, providing a secure and reliable strapping solution.
  7. Modular Feeding and Sealing System: Features a modular feeding and sealing system, offering versatility and adaptability to different strapping requirements.
  8. Low Wear on Punching Tools: Designed to minimize wear on punching tools, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.
  9. Pneumatically Powered: Operates using pneumatic power, contributing to efficient and reliable strapping.
  10. Easy Integration: Designed for easy integration into various strapping setups and systems.
  11. Fast Exchange of Cutting and Punching Tools: Facilitates a quick and hassle-free exchange of cutting and punching tools, optimizing operational efficiency.
  12. Strapping of Small Package Sizes: Versatile enough to handle strapping for small package sizes, catering to a range of packaging needs.


  1. Dispenser for Jumbo-Coils: Designed to accommodate and dispense Jumbo-Coils, ensuring a continuous and efficient supply of strapping material.
  2. Sword: Incorporates a sword mechanism for precise and smooth strap placement during the strapping process.
  3. Machine with Travel Facility: Some models feature a travel facility, allowing the strapping machine to move within a specified range, enhancing versatility in applications.
  4. Integrated Bunker Feed System: Equipped with an integrated bunker feed system to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of strapping material.
  5. Edge Protection System: Includes an edge protection system to safeguard package edges during the strapping process, preventing potential damage.
  6. Vertical Press Systems (Up to 20 kN Press Force): Offers vertical press systems with a press force of up to 20 kN, ensuring secure and uniform strapping of packages.
  7. Conveying Systems: Compatible with conveying systems, facilitating seamless integration with material handling processes for continuous and efficient strapping operations.

These options enhance the functionality and adaptability of FROMM Strapping Systems, catering to diverse packaging requirements in various industries.


Strapping Qualities
Strapping Dimensions
Strapping head type
Strap tension
Sealing method
Seal strength
Feed/retract speed
Uniflex up to 850 N / Ultraflex up to 1100 N
19.0 - 32.0 x 0.63 -1.00 mm
max. 18000 N (adjustable)
Sealless joint
up to 55%
2 m/s
L 777 x W 270 x H 810 mm
160 kg
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