FROMM strapping heads are purposefully crafted for automatic heavy-duty industrial strapping installations. Specifically designed to meet the demands of a diverse range of industrial applications, these strapping heads can be seamlessly integrated into fully automatic strapping machines. Their versatile design allows for installation at the top, at the side, or in a horizontal plane, providing flexibility to accommodate different operational setups. Whether positioned vertically or horizontally, FROMM strapping heads ensure efficient and reliable strapping processes in automated industrial environments.
  • Strap qualities
    Uniflex up to 850 N/mm2 Ultraflex up to 1100 N/mm2
  • Strapping dimensions
    19.0 x 0.64 - 0.90 mm 32.0 x 0.64 - 1.00 mm
  • Weight
    200 kg / 400 kg


  1. Heavy Strong Construction: Robust and sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  2. High Reliability (98%): Demonstrates a high level of reliability, with a 98% efficiency rate, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance.
  3. Perfect Double Notch Joint (Tool A482/A483): The double-notch joint of the tool A482 (A483) guarantees 75% of the tensile strength of the steel strap, providing superior strength compared to alternatives.
  4. Compatibility with Various Steel Straps: Accepts all current steel straps with elongation from 600-1100N/mm² or galvanized, offering flexibility in material selection.
  5. Suitability for Dirty or Greasy Packs: Ideal for strapping packs that may be dirty or contain grease, without the issues associated with welding joints.
  6. Seal Compatibility: Utilizes seals available in the market, eliminating the need for proprietary seals from competitors.
  7. Profiled Tension Wheel: The strap is tensioned through a profiled tension wheel, driven by a motor-gear frequency-controlled system, adjustable by a pneumatic clutch with a manometer.
  8. No Tension Release: Eliminates the need for tension release, avoiding the requirement for an opposite joint or the Microlock joint.
  9. Minimum Parcel Width and Coil Diameter: Accommodates small parcel widths (min. 80mm, 90mm for 32mm) and has a minimum coil diameter of approximately 400mm.
  10. Strapping of Small Hexagonal Tubes: Capable of strapping small hexagonal tubes with an 85mm side.
  11. Asymmetric Strapping Line for Slit Coils: Features an asymmetric strapping line for slit coils, allowing radial strapping through the eye for coils with an external diameter of 700-800mm.
  12. Circumferential Strapping for Small Coils: Utilizes circumferential strapping for small coils with an external diameter of approximately 400mm.
  13. Adjustable Strap Feed and Retract Speed: The strap feed and retract speed are frequency-controlled, providing adjustability for different strapping requirements.
  14. Low-Wearing Material: Wearing parts in contact with the seal are made for A482 (A483) and are readily available in stock, minimizing downtime.
  15. Mechanical Switch/Sensor for Parcel Detection: Incorporates a mechanical switch or sensor to detect the presence of the parcel, enhancing precision in strapping.
  16. Vertical, Lateral, and Horizontal Installation Options: Allows for versatile installation options, including standard vertical installation with head stroke, lateral installation for packs with a minimum height of 350mm, and horizontal installation for packs with a minimum height of 200mm.


  1. Head Movement by Steering Wheel/External Floating Device: Enables precise adjustment of the strapping head position using a steering wheel or an external floating device, ensuring optimal alignment.
  2. Vertical or Horizontal Sword: Offers the flexibility to choose between a vertical or horizontal sword configuration based on specific strapping requirements.
  3. Fixed or Moving Machine: Provides options for fixed or moving strapping machines, allowing adaptability to different operational setups.
  4. Top and/or Side Press: Includes the option for top and/or side press mechanisms, enhancing stability and uniform strapping of packages.
  5. Telescopic Arc: Incorporates a telescopic arc, providing versatility in strapping different package sizes and shapes.
  6. Device to Place Bunks and/or Corners: Features a specialized device to automatically place bunks and/or corners in top, bottom, or side positions, streamlining the strapping process.


Strapping Qualities
Strapping Dimensions
Strapping head type
Strap tension
Sealing method
Seal strength
Feed/retract speed
Uniflex up to 850 N / Ultraflex up to 1100 N
19.0 x 0.64 - 0.90 mm / 32.0 x 0.64 - 1.00 mm
19 mm: max. 4000 N / 32 mm: max. 10000 N
Push type seals
up to 75%
1 m/s
L 680 x W 549 x H 851 mm
200 kg / 400 kg
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