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In the intricate world of flat glass packaging, Opal stands as a beacon of precision and prowess. With a rich heritage tracing back to 1999, we recognize the intricacies of safeguarding sheets of pristine flat glass. The balance between consistent strap tension and achieving a high closing value is both an art and a science. Armed with unparalleled experience, expert knowledge, and top-tier products and tools, Opal ensures that every sheet of flat glass is shielded with unmatched safety and assurance. Dominating this niche, Opal’s solutions echo perfection, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to the flat glass industry.

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6 Applications in the Flat Glass Industry Requiring Our Strapping Solutions

Secure bundling of large flat glass sheets, ensuring they remain intact during transit and storage.

Strengthening flat glass stacks, ensuring uniform and optimal tension throughout the bundle.

Facilitating transportation of flat glass meant for high-end architectural or interior design projects.

Packaging of customized or specialized glass designs, ensuring their unique attributes remain unblemished.

Protecting delicate or thin sheets of glass that require extra care and precision during packaging.

Consolidating multiple sheets for bulk shipments, safeguarding them against potential external pressures


6 Benefits for the Flat Glass Industry While Using Opal’s Strapping Solutions:


Precision Perfected

Opal's strapping solutions ensure consistent and accurate strap tension, essential for the flat glass sector.
UV Resistant

High Safety Standards

Our tools and products promise a reliably high closing value, underscoring our commitment to unparalleled safety.
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Adaptable Excellence

Designed for various types and sizes of flat glass, ensuring each sheet receives tailored care.
Shock Absorbent

Seamless Integration

Effortless compatibility with industry-specific machinery, facilitating smooth packaging processes.


With reduced damages and breakages, Opal's solutions translate to significant savings for businesses.
Versatile compatibility
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Unwavering Quality Assurance

Each strapping solution from Opal is a testament to our dedication to supreme quality, ensuring every sheet of glass remains pristine.


The horizon of the flat glass industry is gleaming with boundless potential. As the world leans towards modern architectural marvels and intricate interior designs, the demand for flawless flat glass is ever-growing. Envision a future where every pane, be it for skyscrapers or bespoke projects, stands as an epitome of purity and precision. With Opal’s masterful strapping solutions, the industry is set to embark on a journey marked by innovation, safety, and unparalleled clarity. Let’s co-create a future where each sheet of flat glass mirrors perfection, poised and ready to reshape our world.

Eager to take your production to the next level?

Shape the future of your flat glass endeavors with Opal’s precision-driven strapping solutions. Secure, sophisticated, and superior. Engage with Opal, where your glass’s impeccable journey is our prime mission.

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Flat glass demands precision. Consistent strap tension ensures the glass sheets are securely bundled, minimizing risks of damage or breakage during transit and storage.

Through meticulous engineering and expert craftsmanship, our strapping solutions are designed to provide reliably high closing values, ensuring enhanced safety for flat glass sheets.

 Our strapping solutions have been developed with industry integration in mind. They seamlessly fit into standard packaging machinery used in the flat glass sector, enhancing efficiency.

Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, our strapping solutions are crafted from eco-conscious materials, offering the industry a robust yet green alternative.

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