PP (Polypropylene) Packaging Packacking

Opal Packaging: Your Trusted Partner in PP Strapping Solutions

Opal Packaging’s PP Strapping offers the perfect blend of durability and flexibility for your packaging needs. Ideal for a variety of applications, our PP strapping ensures that your products are securely bound, whether for short-term storage or long-haul transportation. With a focus on high tensile strength and compatibility with a wide range of strapping machines, Opal’s PP strapping is the reliable choice for industries such as automotive, bailing, and logistics. Choose Opal Packaging for strapping solutions that combine performance with cost efficiency.

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Material Composition

Crafted from polypropylene, our PP strapping combines lightness with durability.


Ensures a snug fit with its unique stretch and recovery properties.

Environmental Commitment

Championing sustainability, our PP strapping is 100% recyclable.

Tensile Strength

Renowned for its strength, safeguarding packages during transit.


Its flexibility makes it ideal for a diverse range of packaging needs.


Seamlessly works with a vast array of strapping machines and tools, including but not limited to Columbia, Fromm, Itatools, Messersi, Orgapack, Strapex, Signode®, CMR, Cyklop, Delonca, Itipack, Mosca, OMS, Reisopack, Sander, SMB, Titan, Samuel, and more.


PP (Polypropylene)
Packaging Circles

Elevate your packaging operations with Opal Packaging’s premium PP Strapping. Expertly crafted to provide a strong, yet lightweight securing option, our PP strapping is an economical choice for a range of applications. From securing light to medium loads on pallets to bundling small items, our strapping is adaptable and user-friendly. It’s an ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable strapping with excellent elongation and recovery properties, ensuring a secure fit during transport and handling. Invest in Opal Packaging’s PP Strapping for efficiency and reliability in your packaging process.

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Product name



From 6 to 19 mm
From 6 to 19 mm


Automotive, Bailing, Wood, Metal, Bottles & Cans, White Goods, Cardboard Producing, Building Industry, Logistics, Furniture, Flat Glass, Insulation
Automotive, Bailing, Wood, Metal, Bottles & Cans, White Goods, Cardboard Producing, Building Industry, Logistics, Furniture, Flat Glass, Insulation


Use cases

Imagine a bustling retail outlet during the holiday season. Packages are moving fast, and there’s no room for error. Opal’s PP strapping ensures every package, regardless of shape or size, is secured and ready for delivery. Similarly, in expansive logistics centers, where the volume is high, our strapping stands as the unsung hero, ensuring every package reaches its destination safely.


In an industry often driven by quantity, Opal Packaging stands out by emphasizing the entire lifecycle of its products. From raw material sourcing to the end product’s recyclability, every step is taken with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind.

Eager to take your packaging to the next level?

Are you a purchasing manager seeking a reliable strapping solution? Or perhaps a production manager aiming to optimize the packaging process? Dive into the world of Opal Packaging. Explore our offerings and discover how we can elevate your packaging game. Connect with our experts today and let’s embark on a journey to packaging excellence. Proudly in collaboration with FROMM.



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Diverse Applications

From retail to logistics, our strapping fits all.
fast time


Its durability ensures long-term use without compromise.


A recyclable solution for the environmentally-aware business.
Versatile compatibility
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Broad Utility

Catering to various sectors with unmatched efficiency.
Global trust

Integration Ease

Compatible with numerous strapping tools and machines.
Shock Absorbent


Superior quality without breaking the bank.



While derived from plastic, PP strapping is 100% recyclable, emphasizing our commitment to the environment.

With proper application, our PP strapping can secure a wide range of weights, ensuring versatility.

Through specific treatments, we’ve enhanced its UV resistance, ensuring longevity.


Polypropylene strapping, commonly referred to as PP strapping, is a lightweight, flexible, and recyclable strapping material derived from the polypropylene polymer. It’s widely used in the packaging industry for bundling and securing packages.

Strapping types include PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), PP (Polypropylene), steel, composite, and hotmelt strapping. Each type has specific properties and applications based on strength, flexibility, and use cases.

PP strapping offers flexibility, recyclability, cost-effectiveness, adaptability for various package shapes, and compatibility with numerous strapping machines and tools.

The weight limit for plastic strapping, including PP, varies based on its width, thickness, and tensile strength. However, with proper application, PP strapping can securely hold a wide range of package weights.

Best practices include choosing the right strapping material based on package weight, ensuring even tension, using corner protectors, and regularly inspecting and maintaining strapping equipment.

Yes, PP strapping is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice in the packaging industry.

Plastic strapping, including PP, is used to bundle products together for shipping and storage, secure boxes, and reinforce crates and pallets

Strapping ensures the security and stability of packages during transit, reduces the risk of damage, and helps in efficient storage and stacking.

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