Cardboard Producing Industry

Cardboard Producing Industry

Cardboard Producing Industry

Opal has firmly established itself as a forerunner in the packaging industry, especially with its production of PET and PP strapping. Originating in 1999, we’ve been dedicated to offering top-tier, innovative strapping solutions. With a staggering yearly production capacity of 10,000 tons, equivalent to a distance that could circle the Earth at the Equator thrice, our commitment to excellence is unequivocal. We’re also proud partners and distributors of FROMM, known globally for their outstanding battery or pneumatic strapping hand tools and a range of strapping machines.

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Applications in the Cardboard Producing Industry Requiring Our Products:

In the cardboard producing industry, ensuring product stability and safety during transit is paramount. Opal’s range, especially the PET and PP strapping, offers the following applications:

Securing Cardboard Bales

With its exceptional breaking strength and UV resistance, our strapping keeps cardboard bales intact, reducing chances of mishaps.

Bundling Cardboard Products

For transport or storage, PET and PP strapping provide reliable bundling solutions.

Automated Strapping Solutions

Our strapping is compatible with a multitude of strapping machines from industry giants such as Columbia, Fromm, Itatools, Messersi, Orgapack, Strapex, Signode®, CMR, Cyklop, Delonca, Itipack, Mosca, OMS, Reisopack, Sander, SMB, Titan, Tosa, or Samuel, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.


Benefits for the Cardboard Producing Industry While Using PET or PP Strapping:

The cardboard industry stands to gain extensively from Opal’s PET and PP strapping. Here are some compelling reasons why:


Environmental Friendliness

Made from 100% recycled material, our strapping offers an eco-conscious choice, aligning with the industry's increasing tilt towards sustainable practices.
Shock Absorbent

High-Quality Assurance

Opal ensures the highest quality strapping, guaranteeing less breakage and increased safety.
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With a range that encompasses not only PET and PP but also composite PET, hotmelt, and textile strapping, we cater to varied industry needs.


As the global consciousness shifts towards environmentally friendly packaging solutions, the cardboard producing industry is poised for significant transformation. The use of 100% recycled, high-quality PET and PP strapping by Opal is not just a nod to the present but a beacon for the future. Imagine a world where every cardboard package you receive or send is secured with the highest quality, sustainable strapping, minimizing waste, and ensuring product safety. As industry leaders predict, the future of packaging is green, reliable, and innovative. Opal is proud to be at the helm of this change, steering the industry towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us in shaping this future.

Eager to take your production to the next level?

Ready to make a change that counts? To elevate your cardboard production processes with unmatched, eco-conscious strapping solutions? Dive into the Opal experience. Explore our offerings at and let us redefine your packaging narrative. Together, let’s craft a greener, more secure, and efficient future.

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PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) strapping is a high-strength, sustainable alternative to other strapping materials. It’s durable, recyclable, and offers excellent retained tension.

The common types include PET, PP (Polypropylene), steel, and nylon. Each has its own advantages, with PET being environmentally friendly and high-strength.

While both are plastic strappings, PET offers better breaking strength, UV resistance, and is 100% recyclable. PP is more flexible but lacks the strength of PET.

PET strapping boasts high breaking strength, UV resistance, sustainability (being 100% recycled), and excellent tension retention.

 PET offers superior strength, is more resistant to environmental factors like UV light, and is eco-friendly.

No, PET has a higher breaking strength compared to PP.

Ensure the strapping is tight and has proper tension. Use corner protectors to prevent damage. Ensure the strapping tool is calibrated and in good condition.

Absolutely! PET strapping is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Plastic strapping, like PET, is primarily used to bundle products together for shipping and storage, ensuring they remain secure and intact.

Strapping secures products, ensuring they remain undamaged during transport or while in storage.

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